Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I am not much into sweets.  I can do without pastries and yes even chocolate -- never have them.  Never miss them. 

Oh my... but then there is salt!  I don't oversalt.... (at least not habitually).  I taste food before I salt it.  But in almost all cases, a few grains of wonderful sea salt will "pop" the taste of fresh vegetables or an omelet in ways that your every day table salt can't accomplish. 

We are told that we should welcome whatever serves to "salt" us.  We are to pay attention to phases of life or attitude that threaten to deplete our "saltiness".  Without it we are bland and without the spunk that makes life lively!  If we lose our "salt" we also lose our capacity to add flavor to the lives of others.  Just as salt enhances qualities in food (as well as preserving food against spoilage) we can be the salt added to relationships that are mediocre or deteriorating. 

Not too much... we aren't to overpower the distinct characteristics of others in our midst.  We are to offer the "pop" they might not otherwise experience. 

Blessing of Salt and Fire
And so, in this season,
may we give ourselves
to the fire
that shows us
what is elemental
and sacramental,
that reveals what remains
after all that does not have
substance or savor
falls away.
May we turn
our eyes
our ears
our hands
to the beauty
for which we were formed
and bear with grace
the patterns
that blossom upon us
who live salted
and singed.
by Jan Richardson
All images and text © Jan Richardson.

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