Monday, August 12, 2013


The meaning of our lives is always bigger than our experience. And because the meaning of our lives is always bigger than our own life experience, we hold to a promise that points beyond our mental capabilities. In holding to our faith, we then can take risks in our beliefs, we can dare to think another way. We can be challenged by the Gospel so that we may be enriched further in faith.

"We're announcing the future with the way we live." Because we have faith we can make those transitions in our faith, have it grow deeper as the Spirit penetrates into our lives. "Faith gives substance to our hopes and convinces us of realities we do not see..."

(From Pastor Randy's Sermon 8/11)

From Pamela

I am glad that there is always more going on than meets my eye.  I am glad, too, that I can't always see the results of my actions (done or left undone).  My prayer at the beginning of the day is usually "help me stay out of the way of what you are trying to do through me, gracious God."  and my prayer at the end of the day is often:  "I am sorry I got in the way." 

So I know that I will never announce that I am infallible or that I will ever get "it" perfect  ("it" being the Christian life).  However, I want to announce the hope that if I keep trying, and if I keep saying "use me as you wish, gracious God" I will leave behind me a wake of experiences that are for the "good" of the world and other people. 

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