Friday, January 17, 2014

Let it be

Last week we heard the story about Jesus' baptism.  When Jesus walked up to John the Baptist, John hesitated to proceed with the baptism -- John had some ideas about Jesus' identity, and about Jesus' role in the future.  They could have stood there in that moment and debated about what course of action to take, but Jesus responded with a statement about "now" (the present moment they both occupied

 “‘Let it be so now; for it is proper for us to in this way to fulfill all righteousness.’” Then John consented.  “Let it be so now,” is the mark of the new beginning.  Similar to January first, similar to that new year’s resolution, similar to that dreaming or thinking about change or starting over, nothing happens until we say: “Let is be so now.”  It is the move toward a new future.  For Jesus it would mean his baptism into his reason for coming, to be the Messiah for the world.  (From Pastor Randy's sermon 2/11-12)

From Pamela:  

Those words-- Let it be--unleash power.  Whether they are spoken by God, or by Mary, Mother of God, or Jesus or John the Baptist or by you or by me, "Let it be so" says that we are willing to acknowledge what is going on right now.  Sometimes we can't move forward along the path of transformation unless we state our awareness of what is really happening NOW.  Oh, sure, we can move forward with our own set of expectations.  We can manipulate our understanding and try to create our own future according to our own agenda.  

However -- God invites us to let God be God and to let God guide and support us as we move along the path which is God's intention for our future.  

And it all begins with looking honestly at where we are and what is going on around and within us and saying "Let it be so".  

Nothing will happen (in terms of ongoing transformation) until you say those words.  They acknowledge your willingness to move from where you are (with God) to where God can take you.  

Let it be.  

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