Monday, July 23, 2012

Why are we all running so fast?

Sometimes I ask the question, what are we all running so fast for anyway?  Again, I do not count myself as one who has this puzzle solved.  I am not a good example of what Jesus attempts to do in this text.  How do we view our time when we are home in the evening?  Often times I hear people say they are home because they did not have anything to do.  Perhaps, staying at home sometimes is something that we need to do.  I don’t think I live too boring of a life, but have I to be honest and say that one of the things that tended to excite our family when my daughters were growing up was when we had an evening when no one had to be anywhere, and that we are all home at the same time.   Pastor Randy O'Donnell  

Take a look at this week's calendar.  Are there blocks of time with nothing scheduled?  Are you inclined to fill in the time with a commitment?  Can you just let the time remain open and see what shows up for you and your family?  

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