Monday, July 30, 2012

Externals and internals

Consider these words from Pastor Randy's sermon on Sunday regarding the people who were coming to see  and be with Jesus.
Jesus knew what they were after.  They wanted more miracles. They wanted more bread.  Many were following him--not because they believed he was the Christ, but because they felt he could do things for them no one else could do. Heal their bodies, feed their stomachs, and enliven their weddings.  But as we know Jesus was not doing these things as an end in themselves but to point to and show signs of the Kingdom of God.

Why do you want to spend time with Christ?  Are you looking for temporary relief?  Are you coming because somebody taught you that it is an important thing to do from time to time (every 7 days or every other week?)  Or perhaps you are open to transformation.  Perhaps you want to be molded and shaped in a new way.

What are your motives?  How do they express or affect your general sense of purpose, meaning and direction?  

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