Sunday, November 4, 2012

All Saints Weekend

How can we maximize the gift of worship today?  I know it is tempting to stop our engagement with the liturgy, the hymns and the readings when we exit the sanctuary.  However, what might change if our time in the hallway, the gathering space was seen as a continuation of a celebration of "All Saints"? Can you sense the atmosphere vibrating with words of wisdom regarding how we are to "be" the community of faith?

Then, go beyond that to the parking place, the roadways, your neighborhood, your home.   

There is something awesome about envisioning, with gratitude, praise and thanksgiving, "All the Saints" who are companioning us along the path of our every day life.  That vision expands our hearts and activates an understanding that there is more going on than what readily meets the eye.  The Saints who rest from the labor of life are cheering us on in our life, which for now, may be burdensome.  

As Pastor Randy said, we are seduced by what the world would present as the desired path.  We are surrounded by invitations to invest in this or that newest, more perfect program or item or person.  

Saints know that perfection is accomplished only in God--the Alpha and the Omega.  

If we listen with the ears of faith to the voices proclaiming eternal life we get a glimpse of what really matters.  

Pick one of the saints you have known...any saint.  What would that person have to tell you about what is on your mind right now.  How would that person help you see more clearly what REALLY matters?  

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