Monday, November 26, 2012

Alpha, Omega -- Beginning and Ending

During this week we stand between the Last Sunday of the Church Year and the First Sunday of Advent.  Do you feel like you are at the ending or the beginning?  How do you tell the difference?  Is it even important to do so?

These questions may seem to be nothing other than mental, emotional and spiritual gymnastics, but they are questions that often come to mind when we think about time in a linear fashion.  We say things like:  "Aren't you looking forward to ---?"  or "I can't wait til it is time for ---!"  or "I am so glad that is over!"  or "Those were the good old days!"

Yet time in the Kingdom of God is not linear.  In God, the Alpha and Omega, everything that is real always was, always will be and will be to come.

So take a look at your past year.  Now look at today.   Are you at the beginning or ending of something?

And if that thought process seems tedious.... here's something more fun!  Take 10 minutes to learn about the mobius strip!

Now envision your current day someway on a timeline traced on the strip--are you at the beginning or the ending?

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