Sunday, January 27, 2013

Following wisdom and awareness of safe places makes the difference between life and death.  Pastor Randy told the following story today:

Several years ago some of you will remember that the world experienced an epic tragedy when a massive tsunami hit in south Asia, a story that is told in the new movie out in theaters now called: The Impossible.  Thousands of lives were lost, and people were scattered. But many do not know of the remarkable survival rate that occurred with the animal population.  In the continuing cleanup workers found only a small amount of dead animals.  Apparently, the animals do have the ability, long often theorized about, to sense these impending weather disasters.  Before the great waves of the tsunami hit the animals had already started moving inland.  This was especially true for the peninsula of ThailandThailand is one of the most populous locations in the world for elephants.  But according to a report not one elephant was found dead.  Just prior to the tsunami, it was reported, that the elephants began to move inward.  And some animal experts claim that the other animals watch the elephants.  They go where the elephants go.  In other words,  where the elephants go, so goes the animal population.  

It is good to identify people in the community who exhibit qualities of wisdom. They seem to be attuned to lasting patterns of meaningful life and purpose.  The presence of awareness guides their words and steps and they move in our midst as guides.  They don't impose their "way" upon us.  Yet because we see them moving through their own lives with grace and stability, we find ourselves seeking them and following them.  
Who are the "faith elephants" in your life?  Whom do you see as somebody you can count on to point the way to safe, lasting meaning and purpose?  In other words, who are the people in your midst who regularly point the way to the Kingdom?  

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