Monday, January 7, 2013

Wise people still seek Him!

I wonder how it felt like to be the leader of the caravan and to be searching for a king, something grand, to perhaps have an expectation of pulling up to a great palace to meet this new born king, but as you are drawing closer you realize this is no palace. This is, as the text plainly tells us, a simple house.  There would be no red carpet; there would be no trumpets announcing their arrival; there would be no be formal introductions, but rather they all probably crowded into this simple house to encounter this simple family, with a simple baby, who by the way was not wearing a halo to prove to the wisemen that they got it right.   They had set out for a palace of a king and ended up at a home of a common family.  However, they did get it right.  They did get it correctly.  They did pay homage to a king, not just the king of Bethlehem; not just the king of Jerusalem, not just the king of the Jews, but the king of humanity - the first born of God, the true light that had entered the world.
(From Pastor Randy's sermon Jan. 5/6) 

From Pamela:  I liked the idea presented on Sunday about "redirecting" as it applies to the church.  Like Pastor Randy, I have had several experiences of following the voice of the Garmin and hearing it say "Your destination is on the right" and I look around to find myself in the middle of nowhere.  It takes a while to figure out what to do. 
Here are some options:    Go back to square one.   Give up or sit in a tantrum of frustration.  Call somebody who knows more about the region than I do. See what is available where I am.  

How about you?  When you end up somewhere unexpected what do you do?  When the church is in an unknown or unforeseen place what are some of the options we pursue?  

Wise people still seek Him!

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