Sunday, April 15, 2012

For skeptics, scholars and students

First:  Look over your bulletin (if you have it)  Where did you experience movement of thought, feeling or soul during the worship service?  Do you think those movements were coincidence or might they be part of God's activity?

Questions to think or write about:  

Has your intellect ever gotten in the way of your sense of wonder?

How does a need to know the specifics about a situation hinder your trust that it is "real" or "valid"? (Sometimes the reality of the situation isn't clear until you become a part of it).

Sometimes you have to touch (or be touched by) the experience before it takes root in your understanding.   If you don't reach out or step out you will never become a participant in what might be something magnificent and miraculous. 

When you have felt a "nudge" to step into an activity, have you set aside the need to know all of the details and possible repercussions of that action?

For reflection:

Imagine yourself in the group huddled in fear behind the locked door.  How might you have responded at the Lord's appearance?  

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  1. As a leader leading worship. . . I was extremely tired. I had to fight that fatigue to make it through two services so I bet that affected the folks at TLC. (Which might be an interesting question to pose. . . how did the leader's energy or lack thereof affect your ability to worship?)