Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank God, it's ----------------

So now it is Friday. Consider the secular song of the day.   People vibrate with the chorus of "Thank God, it is Friday!" every week.

Of course, that gratitude is expressed in many ways -- all erupting from a feeling of release -- breaking out -- breaking away.

Here's a typical scenario:  As 4 pm arrives many people burst out like horses from a starting gate.  They hurry to someplace or someone that offers something "happy" and "re-creational".  Watering holes abound with specials to encourage and excite the thirst for whatever it is that symbolizes the end of another week in the work world.

The choices we make regarding how we embrace freedom from designated routines of responsibility impact how our days "off" enhance and strengthen us.  How do you thank God for the time you have "off"?

When do you experience a movement from focused and committed service to a time of open and unencumbered space?  How do you express your gratitude for that time?  How does that time equip you for the next opportunity to serve others?  How do you hope to be re-created this week?

Note:  Depending upon one's role or responsibilities the "weekend" may be Monday through Tuesday.  Or your life may be such that you get mini breaks randomly and with no predictable regularity.  When does "happy hour" show up in your schedule?  What does it look like?

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