Saturday, April 14, 2012

Preparing for Discovering Discipleship

Let's think about "discovery".

You discover something that is there, often hidden beneath the surface of what is apparent.  The object to be discovered is "there" whether the seeker can see it or not.  Something is there to be revealed.  Then an "aha" occurs.  There it is.  It was there all along, and now it has been discovered.

Each one of the baptized children of God is called and empowered to walk in Christ's Name.  You have the power to reveal Christ to another person everywhere you go.  This can happen with or without your conscience initiative, of course.  But intentionally seeking to discover our miraculous and bold role in discipleship  changes daily living from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Through the Holy Spirit, God nudges you along your path of opportunities to love and serve others.  As a discoverer you are more likely to pay attention to opportunities to serve that would otherwise be missed due to preoccupation with other things.  

When you discover more about what God wants to do with and through your hands, mouth and feet, you are becoming more Christlike.  

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