Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get ready for the wind!

We approach the Pentecost readings. Or are they approaching us? Probably both.

Begin by reading Psalm 104, a celebration of the creative force of God's Spirit...

A hand that moves over and within all of creation bestowing all that is essential to sustain us. Creation and critters know that.

I wonder, do I REALLY know that? Or do I strive on my own to acquire extras? Of course, those are rhetorical questions, but I can use them as starting points for prayer.

Can I honestly place my priorities under a God lens and see what is clearly given and desired for me by God? Am I willing to see see what I am either clinging to or striving for that sprouts from self-determination or fear?

Fear Not!  Let it be so. Blow, Spirit, Blow....

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