Monday, May 14, 2012

Remembering the basics

Welcome to Monday!  What's on your "to do" list? Is it already established?  Are there things on that list you will embrace with joy?  What is there that you see as nothing other than a chore -- something that you will get through and then be glad for its accomplishment.  Our contexts offer a variety of possibilities.  Much of what we have scheduled will actually unfold.  Other things will dissolve -- appointments will be cancelled and plans will be interrupted.

Is there anything on your list that you have planned that you see as essential?  What is there that you are cherishing or anticipating?  Would its disappearance would be a disappointment?

Where does discipleship factor in?  How will your walk this week be a reflection of the power you have as a child of God? In all places you have opportunities to serve or be served as Christ's love is manifest through words, gestures, thoughts and actions.

Take a look at something you are anticipating with joy.  If it occurs, let that be an invitation for prayers of gratitude, praise and appreciation.  Let the experience strengthen you or comfort you or enhance your awareness of God's great goodness.

Take a look at something you are hesitant or unwilling to encounter.  How can that activity or appointment be seen differently if you see it as a sacrifice.  What if you trust that God will be with you and will open your eyes and heart to see an opportunity for Love to break through?

The discipleship function underlies everything else.  It is the basic ingredient of every day.

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