Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recall these words from Pastor Randy's Pentecost Sermon:

As we journey through this life we come to pivotal moments in our discipleship.  Some of those moments are planned out, like when we are baptized, when we start school, when we affirm our baptism, when we graduate from high school or college, when we get engaged, get married, have children, or retire.
These moments of our life journey are often seen far off from a distance; perhaps our parents planned them, or perhaps we had anticipated them for months and even years ahead of them actually occurring.  However, there are also other pivotal moments in our discipleship journey.  These crossroads in our daily living evolve and occur because of happenstance, because of unique factors and situations that develop slowly or suddenly, many of which are well beyond our control.  We find ourselves thrust into the middle of something that we may have perceived ahead of time, but didn’t know for sure when exactly it would happen, or more then likely, we find ourselves standing knee deep in the water of a river of life, whose rains we never saw coming.  

For your reflection:  

What is going on with you today?  Are you in the midst of plans or situations that you have anticipated?  Are things moving along according to details you have put in place?  
Or are you on a leg of your journey where all plans are tentative and subject to sudden change?  

Whatever the circumstance how can you lean upon the Holy Spirit to increase your understanding of God's stabilizing presence?  How does leaning upon that Spirit increase your sense of awe or gratitude or serenity?  

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