Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You are what you eat

It is true -- what you consume deeply influences how your body functions.  Malnutrition is possible even though you eat your fill.  On the other hand, people who are fasting from food often report that they are spiritually satisfied in ways that no food can offer.  

Do you remember this story from Pastor Randy's sermon?  

Christian author Max Lucado writes of enduring a particularly bumpy airplane flight.  During the flight, he heard a passenger behind him breaking up with laughter.  None of the other passengers could find much to smile about, so Lucado was intrigued by this man's obvious enjoyment.  He learned that the man was listening to a comedy station on the airplane's headphone system.  This man seemed to be the only one listening to the comedian, so he was the only one enjoying his flight.  No one else could hear what it was that kept him so amused.
            In many ways we are like the man with the headphones, we are listening to a different type of message than the world is giving and often hearing.  It is when we keep in tune with the bread of life, can we begin to view the challenges, difficulties, joys and travels of this life with a different set of  ideas, morals, and understanding.  With the bread of life, we can see through the different hungers of this world. 

            We have been thinking of the way Christ roots us in purpose and meaning, and the way being "in" Christ directs our choices.  We are fed spiritually when we choose to gather around Jesus.  We consume the bread of life as we open our hearts, minds and souls to Christ.

             When we gather around Jesus, God's Spirit begins to saturate every aspect of our being.  Our awareness of what is true, what is just, what is gentle and what is loving expands.  As long as we walk the earth, we face the same situations as people who don't know Christ.  But because of Christ at the center of our faith, we have a focus that helps us to navigate through trials of human suffering.  As we move in faith we leave behind us a wake of Christian hope, love and justice for all.

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