Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Can you make a list of those movies that are on rerun on TV very often, but no matter how many times you have seen the movie before, or where it is in the movie, you will just quickly settle in and watch it?   For me the list includes: The Field of Dreams, Remember the Titans, the Shawshank Redemption, just to name a few. This also has been true about movies while they are still in the theater.  What made the movie The Titanic one of the greatest box office smashes was that many people not only went to see it a first time, but there are many more who went to see it umpteen times while it was still in the theater.  It is a story that before we watch, we know the ending.  Often what are fascinating are the stories behind the story.  

From Pastor Randy's Dec. 3 sermon

Reflection:  When you tell or read a story repeatedly to little children, it may seem that they lose interest.  That is, until you try to skip a page or fast forward through some details.  Then the little ones will interrupt and say "But you forgot...."  or "What about ..."  Good stories are precious because of the emotional connections they stimulate.  They are also precious because they remind us that what was compelling and true generations ago is still compelling and true today.  

Many people refer to the story of Christ as the "Greatest Story Ever Told".  It tells about more than the birth of a baby.  What are some of the details that speak tenderly to your heart?  If somebody is telling you the story what detail must NOT be omitted?  

What is the beginning of the story?   How does it end?  (or does it end?)   

The story has thousands of characters and a panorama of places and situations.  What is YOUR PLACE in the story


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