Sunday, December 23, 2012

Read Today's Gospel Lesson

From Pastor Randy's Sermon:  

Small beginnings, but huge results, this is often the work of God.  We must not forget that even in a society were things happen on such a massive level, that these things too, had small roots.  There was once only one Walmart, one McDonalds, and one computer.  ...

God takes the small things in life and uses them to affect the whole world.  We must never forget that in our own ministry of discipleship as well.  We can never let size be a deterrent to us.  It does not matter the size of the Sunday School class you teach, for you do not know what the ripple effect will be on just touching one student.  All our Christian actions, no matter how insignificant they may seem, go beyond our own seeing.  We probably will never see the complete and entire results and influence we can have on one another, but we must remember to keep on doing the little right things.  

From Pamela:  I wonder what small, seemingly insignificant words or gestures (or glances) may be the beginning of some massive shiftWe need to be on the alert for the joy, hope, peace, justice and love that will be on the move in the next days.  

     It may happen in the world.    It may happen in the nation, your county or your city.  It may happen in the church.  

     It may happen in your family.  

    It may happen anywhere.  But the hugest impact may be when it happens in your 

                   heart and mind!  



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