Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wait! Prepare!

When we hear the passage: "Prepare the Way of the Lord," what is our response?  Often times we can slip into a mode of waiting for the arrival of Christ instead of preparing for Christ.  If we only wait for Christ then we can become idle, leaving everything to everyone else, thinking God will take care of it in the end.  But if we are heeding the words of Scripture then we are preparing, we are actively participating in attempting to do God's will on earth now today in 2012.  Even though we know that the promise and reign of God, will take care of everything in the end, when we prepare, we become partners in the Gospel, partners in Praising God and Serving Others, partners in our call to show what the Reign of God is to be about.  Pastor Randy

Reflection:  The task of  preparation used to wear me down.  The process of preparation often takes longer than the event (especially when you are preparing a meal which takes hours to assemble and minutes to consume).  Somehow things changed when I began to see "preparation" as part of the joy of cooking.  It helps to assemble the ingredients in some sort of order.  It also helps to have a clear and clean work space. Sharp knives, the right kitchen gadgets and plenty of bowls and cutting boards all make it easier.  And it really helps to have a companion who helps keep my place in the recipe, and taste the food as it is cooking (offering helpful suggestions).  
 I wonder how this can apply to "preparing" for Christ?  What do you think?   

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