Thursday, June 14, 2012

Against the grain

We always think we know what is best for us, even better sometimes than we think God knows.  The reason is this sense of our own self-centeredness, our own lack of sanity when it comes to power, ego, and want.  When Jesus enters into his mission and teaching, his actions, deeds and teachings go against what many at that time thought was normative for life in relationship to God.  This was certainly true for the religious authorities who seek to crucify him for his actions, this is certainly true for many who followed him, but then turned away or rejected him, it was certainly true for those who witnessed some of his deeds of power, quickly wanting to make him appear demonic in some way, and it was even true for his own family as they seek to restrain him from what he was called to do.  

Pastor Randy

For Reflection:   The church is facing changes in the way current members view ministry.  Even more, though, the church is being viewed differently by society as a whole.  Some consider church irrelevant, having little if any meaning as a positive and purposeful component of contemporary life.  Church may be a nice option, they say, but it doesn't need to be prioritized when planning what to do with one's time and energy.  There are many other choices to consider when looking for a life that is complete or whole.  

 Therefore, the church family may be viewed by society as people who are out of their minds, even insane.  

What do would you say in response to somebody who questioned you about the reason you are involved in the life of the church?  If told that you are crazy to devote time and space in your life for something that often offers to tangible or measurable results, what do you say?

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