Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What does it take to see as God sees?

I am convinced that the intellect, the ego and the will often place a lens over our eyes and distort our vision.  Something happens that confuses me.  Then I begin to think about it.  Then I (BIG I) think I can do something to figure it out on my own.  Then I think I know what to do and therefore I don't pray fervently for God's guidance.  I don't "need" to look for God's will because "I" "know" what I "see" and "I" "know" how to respond to it. 

Then something falls apart around me.  I feel empty, lost and perhaps even forlorn.  So I pray.... and there's God! 

One of my friends, Pastor Amy Little, spoke about this, reflecting on what it takes to see as God sees: 

There’s a paraphrase of one of the beatitudes that has stuck with me for many years now from The Message by Peterson.  It goes something like this: Blessed are you when you are at the end of your rope, for there is the place where there is less of you and more of God.  As we let go and diminish our egos, our pride, our self-reliance, our anger, our self -pity (all of which are idols by the way!). . . and allow God to fill us with the fullness of him.  What else could we need if we are filled with God’s fullness?  I can’t think of a single thing.  

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