Monday, June 11, 2012

A Family Affair

Sometimes we are called to a ministry challenge in the context of our own family.  We may face the judgement of family members who think we have "lost our mind" when we step out to do something in Christ's Name.  We may find ourselves in situations or relationships that would seem out of character or in contrast to the "way" things have always been done in our family.

Sometimes this "crazy" behavior involves forgiving somebody who has been on the margins of our family.

Sometimes it involves presenting ourselves to somebody in the family who judged us, or whom we have hurt or offended.

Are there names or faces that come to your mind as you reflect upon the above?  You might want to make a list of the people in your family who are the "easiest" to love and another list of those whom you see as more difficult.  What does that process reveal to you?

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