Monday, June 18, 2012

What seeds were sown yesterday?

It's Monday.  What happened that is beginning to germinate (perhaps even sprout!)

Yesterday was the Sabbath Day.  A Day of Worship.

Yesterday was also Father's Day -- one of those days when families tend to make a bit more effort to get together and say "Thank You.  You are important to me.  and (in many if not all cases) I love you" to those who care for, mentor and provide for us.  (a role often attributed to "Father")

What do you recall about yesterday's conversations or shared moments? Does anything stand out as particularly high or low on the scale of joy, peace, harmony or clarity?

If, as stated in scripture, we are made new in Christ, no longer limited to looking at one another through the limited lens of human understanding, what did we see that was different?  Perhaps we looked with compassion and gentleness upon somebody who wasn't always easy to love.  Perhaps we found the courage to offer words of love and appreciation even though we aren't the kind of people who normally do that.

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