Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why do we come to church?  People have been coming to this congregation since 1973; people have been coming to this particular sanctuary for over 20 years.  Why did they and why do they come?  People probably come to this church for a lot of the same reasons they come to any church at any place.  Maybe we come out of guilt; maybe we come because our parents, our spouses, are dragging us here.  Maybe we come because we are afraid; maybe we come because we are hoping that we can get on God’s good side again.  Maybe we come because we want to be entertained; maybe we come because we like the music; maybe we come because it helps our reputation; maybe we come because something in our life is about to break and we are out of options.  
From Pastor Randy's Sermon 

From Pamela: I think it can be sensitive to ask the question "why" do we come to church.  I have asked that question of many and they do pretty well at responding until I press them and say:  Ok, now step away from "we" and focus upon yourself.  How do you complete the statement:   I come to church because..... 
This isn't an inquisition.  But it may be a challenge.   Why do YOU come to church?  Who shows up in the YOU that crosses the threshold from the parking lot into the gathering space and finally shows up in the pew.  Next time you come to church see if you can answer that question honestly:  Why am I here?  How am I right now?  
The reason those questions are important is because worship is a "come as you are" party.   Christ welcomes you how you are, God cares for you lavishly how you ARE -- not how you think you should be or wish you could be. 

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