Thursday, September 20, 2012

Preparing for this weekend

Here are the readings for this weekend.   From Pastor Randy: Who is the greatest?  That is what the disciples are arguing about.... How do we strive to be great, have ambition but seek to be in discipleship?

From Pamela:    I am wondering how our self image affects our discipleship.  Do you perceive yourself as a leader or a follower?  How does the gospel meets leaders and followers?

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  1. It's a great question: How does our self image affect our discipleship? It takes courage to be a disciple on some basic level. There is a definite movement in a believer's life that shifts them from "believer" to one who gets active about the discipleship life. The Spirit takes ahold of them and gives them the courage to branch out into unknown territory, to risk making mistakes or looking foolish for the sake of Christ. So I would say that absolutely our self image is important in this. . . who do we see ourselves to be? Are we willing to be humbled and allow ourselves to be last so that others may be first? Humility, true humility (not a false humility) beckons us to be slave to all yet perfectly free as Luther would say.