Monday, February 11, 2013

Arrow Prayers

What I mean by "arrow prayers" is this:  These are the type of prayers that we have just prior to a marked event.  I call them "arrow prayers" because of the intentions behind the prayer.  They are the prayers we shoot off, in a major hurry to God.  There is no messing around here, just like an archer draws back his bow and lets the arrow fly, so too with these prayers, we in our rush shoot them straight at God.  They are not fancy, thought out, or dressed up, instead they get to the kernel of our needs in basic fashion, wanting God's attention and support right now.  There are numerous instances in which a lot of us use "arrow prayers."

(from Pastor Randy's sermon)

From Pamela:  Perhaps arrow prayers are actually an invitation from God to be more dependent upon God.  If an arrow prayer is something that emerges suddenly from some thoughtless place within us (perhaps our heart), then they may begin where we have not yet begun to exert our own control.  I think of the thoughts and feelings that God knows we are experiencing in the "secret places".  

When we let go, the prayer is released into the hands of the one who knew of our plight all along!  

Perhaps they are the most authentic prayers of supplication and confession!  

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