Tuesday, February 26, 2013

'The call that Jesus is giving to his followers is to put God, the one who grants unconditional forgiveness, gives unconditional love, and holds out a promise of an eternal relationship, at your center. Our whole struggle, as Christians, throughout our lives is to keep a continual check on what is on the edge of seizing, or has already invaded, that priority place. Sometimes the invasion comes slowly and over time, other times it swallows us quickly. In part, that is why Martin Luther, reminds us that we need to keep the baptismal font in front of us, to remind us of the need for daily renewal."
From Pastor Randy's Sermon  2/23-24 

From Pamela -- If you spend anytime at all reflecting upon your flaws or character weaknesses, you can have a pretty strong handle on the forces that ALWAYS threaten to knock you off center.  Some people know that they have a problem with anger.  Others know they have a shopping addiction.  

But there other times when we are blindsided by a sudden wave of emotion or thought that whisks us into misbehavior.  Or we may be hit by a sudden attack of anxiety or rage that seems totally out of character.  Since we are inexperienced with managing ourselves in that situation we may slip into action that is damaging.  

Of course, we can't prepare specifically for these sudden struggles.   But that is why it is so important to begin each day saturating ourselves in God's presence.  When we soak our minds and hearts in the promises of Baptism, we are rooted and centered in Christ.  Therefore we are protected and sheltered and guided by the One who CAN run defense against all attacks of sin.

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