Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When our expectations are tampered with, we become uncomfortable, edgy, anxious, unsettled, and sometimes overwhelmed.  In these circumstances, we very often are forced to reexamine certain aspects of life, so that we may set new perimeters of expectations.  Due to the unexpectedness of life, we find ourselves constantly in a state of widening and expanding our boundaries of what can happen in our daily journeys.  (From Pastor Randy's Sermon on 2/3/2013)

From Pamela:  I have learned about expectations and contentment.  Long ago I was told that the level of contentment is directly (but inversely) related to the level of expectation.  The lower your expectations are the higher your level of contentment.  
I think it works this way:  When you are free of expectations, you are able to see more clearly what is going on right before your eyes.  Expectations are future oriented.  Contentment is rooted in the present.  Yet, without some level of vision for the future (hopes, plans and dreams) we may feel less motivated to step into the next activity or the next relationship. 
So what has to happen so that a person or a group of people keep moving through life? 
 It has much to do with trust.  
Trust is different than expectation.  When you trust that something will happen, it is connected to faith and hope.  When you expect that something will happen there is a bit of judgement -- an implication that you KNOW precisely what should or should not happen.  
I guess I TRUST that the next day will be good, no matter what.  But that doesn't mean that I have any expectations about it.  
What do YOU think?  How do you see your expectations?  What happens when something or someone doesn't meet your expectations?  
From Linda: 
I found this idea of trust being a foundational concept very intriguing.   I'm involved with some leadership training that is using a book by Stephen Covey's son (yes, Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame).   The book is The Speed of Trust and the main focus of the book is that trust is one idea that changes everything, from personal relationships to nations.    L

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