Tuesday, February 19, 2013

  Something is not a temptation if you really don’t care about it or don’t long for it.  So in understanding that, we can look upon this episode between the devil and Jesus with a closer eye.  If the things that were offered to Jesus did not have some sense of appeal to him, he would not have been tempted.  However scripture tells us Jesus was tempted.  What does that mean?  It again shows the fully humanity of Jesus, not only that Jesus wrestled physically without food in the atmosphere of the barren conditions of the desert, he also wrestled spiritually with what  was being set before him.
This is an important dimension that not only portrays the deep humanity of Jesus; it also directs us to where often a much more in depth style of temptation tries to grab us still today.
From Pastor Randy's sermon 2/17     Luke 4:1-13 

From Pamela 

I spoke with an alcoholic who spoke about the power of addiction.  This person said:  "Let me tell how I knew I was addicted.  In my work I spend alot of time with the guys.  They tempt me to go to all sorts of forbidden places, including strip joints and liquor stores.  But you know what?  I would rather be seen in a strip joint than in a liquor store.  You see, I can confidently say that I am not a sex addict.  Liquor, that's another story.  It will always be seductive.  I need God's help resisting it.  I am in spiritual danger in its presence."  

That's the difference between a challenging situation and a temptation.  One makes you a bit uncomfortable and hits on your understanding between right and wrong, proper or improper.  The other one invites you to sell your soul and turn to another God.  

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