Monday, August 6, 2012


Have you ever tasted a typical pork chop or skewer of shrimp that tastes, quite frankly, totally unique?  Mouthwatering and unusual?  It happens quite often around my home.  You see, we tend to be fascinated with marinades.

Not the kind you purchase in a bottle that is loaded with high fructose syrup and powdered spices.  No, I am talking about the marinades that you prepare with olive oil, great wine, herbs from the herb garden, pressed garlic, sea salt, and perhaps freshly squeezed lemon juice.

And it's not about a quick toss in the sauce and then hurried to the grill.

No, it is immersed in the marinade, bathed in it for several hours.  Then you remove the meat from the marinade and let the excess sauce fall away before placing it on the grill so that as the meat cooks its natural flavors expand freely.  The marinade doesn't overpower the meat, but it does enhance everything that characterizes the meat.  You want a balance between meat and marinade.

Ok.  This isn't a cooking class.  It is about discovering discipleship!

Well, yesterday Pastor Pindell used the phrase:  Marinate your life in daily scripture reading and prayer.

I like that image.  It makes sense to me.

Discipleship bursts with fresh energy and often unique expression when it emerges with a balance between the flesh of my existence and the spiritual soaking provided in prayer.

Take time each day to marinate your life in the Living Word!

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