Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sleepless nights? What's unfinished?

Take a moment to read this coming week's lesson from Ephesians.

It is pretty basic:  Be kind to one another.  Be truthful.  When you get angry with one another, stay connected, leaning toward some resolution of the conflict, so that the "sun does not go down on your anger."

I have noticed that a main cause of lost sleep is a broken relationship.  It seems that peaceful nights are denied when the unfinished business of reconciliation lingers in the airspace.  Anger percolates in the mind.  Judgement or self-righteousness poisons the heart.  A body that is tossing and turning is in some sort of restless discomfort.  Then when you pray for comfort, God will offer it -- and will draw your attention to the possibility of a new relationship.  If you ignore the possibility, chances are you will continue to toss and turn.

God won't empower us to stay angry with somebody for very long.   When we pray about an issue or a relationship God's love begins to stimulate thoughts and feelings that reveal the unfinished business -- the places where we can step towards the other and find the courage (or humility) to forgive or ask for forgiveness.

So, how are you sleeping these days?

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